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TAFEL 16 Oberfl Quadrat.jpg

KFLECT RLS components – used alone or in combination with other lighting tools – offer great flexibility in the design of mood lighting and a significant reduction of rigging time. The KFLECT RLS imitates nature: one light source (the sun) emits a beam that is in turn reflected, absorbed, diffused, coloured, etc by a variety of surfaces.
The best results are achieved using precise parallel light beams provided either by the sun or dedicated parabolic spotlights such as our K-Beams, with our K-Flectors. This combination enables accurate light distribution and offers plenty of flexibility to experiment with the shape and structure of light and shadow.


There is no end to the variety of effects that can be achieved using the wide range of K-Flectors. Depending on surface structure, the extremely efficient reflective quality ranges from 85% to 98% and enables multiple and combined light redirection. Thus, the beauty of natural light is fully maintained in the creative process of lighting.

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