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The advantages offered by the KFLECT Reflect Lighting System (KFLECT RLS) can be described from two viewpoints:

  • Production, Aesthetics and Technology

  • Professional Advantages


Light to create appropriate cinematic narratives
Compared to the use of conventional lighting equipment the palette of K-Flectors simplifies painting with light the
different moods and achieving lighting effects.

Digital Cinematography
The KFLECT RLS components enable the precise adjustment of light intensity and contrast, which is of great importance in digital photography.

DSLR and similar cameras
The increasingly high ISO ratings of modern cameras have made it possible to work at relatively low light levels.
But in order to create visual moods, light sources are obviously necessary.
Selective redirection and reflection of available light (from practical sources and/or daylight) using K-Flectors is an efficient way of achieving the desired result.
So even when working on a low budget, or on locations without sufficient power supply for the operation of large light sources, the K-Flectors represent a range of tools that will cater to your lighting needs and deliver stunning results not otherwise possible on a small scale.

High Speed Cinematography
High Speed (HS) cinematography requires high light levels. Generally, large sources are placed close to the objects being filmed, causing crowded and overheated working conditions. The space remaining for camera movement is confined and the visual quality of most objects, e.g. food, suffers under the increased heat development. Using K-Beams and K-Flectors, the light source can be positioned further away from the setup, which keeps the temperature down and allows more space for crew and camera.
Due to the availability of HS flicker free ballasts there is no reason not to choose HMI over tungsten fixtures for high speed cinematography.

Ecological Aspects
The development of the modern lighting system KFLECT RLS has always accompanied the implementation of environment protection. That technology as well as the used material enables us to achieve that challenge sustainably. KFLECT RLS allows not only to design lighting on a high level but it simultaneously helps to reduce litter as well as energy consumption, such as electric power and fuel.


For Cinematographers, Lighting Designers and Photographers
One of the obstacles in creative work is time pressure. For this reason cinematographers and other technicians are often forced to make artistic compromises. The KFLECT RLS system makes it possible for them to fulfil their visions without overrunning the production budget or time schedule.

The KFLECT RLS components enable the quick but precise modulation of light and shadow. A wide range of lighting effects can be created easily. There is no need for a large power supply, which makes shooting on location less complicated. The simple contrast control is of particular importance in digital imaging.

For Gaffers, Lighting Technicians and Grips
Gaffers, lighting technicians and grips will enjoy the lightness and the versatility of the KFLECT RLS tools. Since all of our components have been designed for easy handling and maximum safety, they will certainly meet all professional requirements. Lighting crews will appreciate the fact that the new system enables them to fulfil the wishes of cinematographers and lighting designers quickly and efficiently.

For Actors
Since most of the KFLECT RLS components are placed outside of the set, the stage remains less cluttered with equipment. The additional space, nearly glare-free lighting and cooler temperatures all contribute to more pleasant working conditions and facilitate the creative work between director and cast.

For Sound Recordists
Many conventional lighting fixtures and ballasts emit noise. Since no (or very few) lights need to be positioned near microphones, the noise level is significantly lower on sets lit with KFLECT RLS components.

For Directors
The KFLECT RLS makes it possible to light a set with respect to the undisturbed communication among the crew, especially between the director and his/her cast. The stage is kept relatively clear for the mise en scène, and last-minute changes can be made comparatively quickly and easily during or after rehearsals.

For Producers
A significant advantage of the KFLECT REFLECT LIGHTING SYSTEM is that it enables a substantial increase in visual quality, especially when working with small budgets and/or in difficult locations.
With the KFLECT RLS, a single light source is redirected and reflected using multiple reflectors whose surfaces shape and modulate the beam. Each surface creates a different effect and acts as its own light source. The adjustment and size of the K-Flector determine intensity and modulation. The result is a landscape of shadow and light that determine the visual atmosphere.
These improvements – which certainly affect the film narrative – go hand in hand with potential savings due to fewer lights and less overall equipment (including stands and cables), lower power consumption and less heat development. Thus the KFLECT RLS reduces the amount of work and improves working conditions for cast and crew.

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