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ZENITH KULTURHALLE Lilienthalallee 33, München

1.+ 2. Juli 2022

Erfahre die kreative Vielfalt des KFLECT RLS auf Stand 510.


Experience the multiple design possibilities of KFLECT RLS on booth 510.

Camerimage 2019

International Film Festival Toruń, 9 - 16 November 2019

We are looking forward to meeting you in Poland. There are some news to share.

PRO MEDIA - New retailer in Austria


We are happy to announce that PRO MEDIA is now selling and renting our KFLECT system at their Austrian offices in

VIIENNA Spengergasse 31 /  T: +43 1 585 12 74-0 and

GRAZ Schmiedlstraße 1 / T: +43 316 475 226-0


Make the most of your light and a single point of attachment with K-REDBALL. It allows you to mount several small reflectors in a single light beam and thus create complex effects. It can be attached to any support and even to our VACUFLECT, which will hold securely on smooth surfaces.


To design the lighting moods of this short fiction film, the lighting team led by DoP Simon Stock and his gaffer Christian Hoffmann used the KFLECT-RLS (Reflect Lighting System) tools with various lamps supplied mainly by Dedolight.
In this Making Of, students describe their experiences with KFLECT-RLS, which they used for the first time. Being able to install the K-Flectors just below the ceilings, they could keep the field of work free of stands and cables. After adapting their work methods, they appreciated the ease of creating precise and subtle lighting environments and effects with the different surfaces of the reflectors in an incredibly short time.


KFLECT Commercial made by Stefan Czech.

For this commercial, Stefan used the light of a sunny window, one Dedolight DLH400DT 400/575W and the Kflect RLS (Reflect Lighting System).

With the KFLECT RLS, a single light source is redirected and reflected using multiple reflectors whose surfaces shape and modulate the beam. Each of the 17 surface creates a different effect and acts as its own light source. The adjustment and size of the K-Flector determine intensity and modulation. The result is a landscape of shadow and light that determine the visual atmosphere. These improvements – which certainly affect the film narrative – go hand in hand with potential savings due to fewer lights and less overall equipment (including stands and cables), lower power consumption and less heat development. 
One lamp mean no colorshift from lightsource to lightsource.

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Los Angeles Convention Center June 09. -11. 2022

We are happy to be on the road again. If you happen to be around, come and experience the subtle design possibilities through the large variety of reflective surfaces on booth 627.

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