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PriceFrom €59.00

MAGNECKS are goosenecks fitted with a 16mm/⅝” spigot on one side. A ⅜” tapped hole at its base enables further mounting, e.g. on the TABLEFLECT base.The opposite side of the flexible arm is fitted with a MAGBONE holder designed to accept a MAGBONE either straight on or at a right angle to the gooseneck, enabling easy handling. MAGNECK 22/25 is fitted with a MAGBALL 22mm.

  • Technical Informations :

    Allways use recommended combinations of MAGBONE/reflector as to the chart above. Never hold a large reflector with a smaller magnet than recommendet.

  • Shipping costs

    The price does not include shipping costs, that will be calculated for the entire order according to weight and size of the parcel and the shipping destination. We will include this price in your personalized quote. Please don't hesitate to name your favorite carrier.

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