MAGBONES consist of fitted with 16mm/⅝” spigots that come in two lengths ((short) 6cm/2.4″ or (long) 16cm/6.30″) and can be used with our MAGNECKS or conventional grip tools such as grip heads or micromount.
  • Technical Informations :

      KFLECT No. TYPE / NAME D (mm) L (cm) Recommended for K-Flectors RRP
    A KG-BONE 43/6 MAGBONE 43/6 43 6 TT a, b, c, d, e, s, m and S, M 39,00 €
    B KG-BONE 66/6 MAGBONE 66/6 66 6 TT s and S, M 49,00 €
    C KG-BONE 66/16 MAGBONE 66/16 66 16 TT s and S, M 59,00 €
    D KG-BONE 88/6 MAGBONE 88/6 88 6 M and L 59,00 €
    E KG-BONE 88/16 MAGBONE 88/16 88 16 M and L 64,00 €


  • Shipping costs

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