• Technical Informations :

      Type Description RRP
    A KG-BOOM SET K-BOOM, set of 13 parts allowing building 3 kind of booms 350,00 €
    B KG-BOOM BAG Customized bag with accessory box for K-BOOM SET (empty) 225,00 €
    C KG-BOOM LA K-BOOM Long Arm (spare) TBA
    D KG-BOOM MA K-BOOM Medium Arm (spare) TBA
    E KG-BOOM SA K-BOOM Short Arm (spare) TBA
    F KG-BOOM LS K-BOOM Long Stanchion (spare) TBA
    G KG-BOOM MS K-BOOM Medium Stanchion (spare) TBA
    H KG-BOOM SS K-BOOM Short Stanchion (spare) TBA
    I KG-BOOM ACC 28mm - 1 1/8" Spigot (spare), Ring, Pole rests, screws (spare) TBA


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